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Craft Hard Cider Kit (Brew-in-Box, PABV 7 - 8%)


Release the inner cider maker in you with our Craft Hard Cider Kit!

Everything you need to make 4.5 litres of sparkling alcoholic cider right on your counter.  No mess, easy and fun to do.
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Our Craft Hard Cider Kit uses 100% apple cider from our mill without the use of preservatives or sulphites.  

~30 day kit
~Makes 4.5 litres (9 - 500ml bottles) 
~Min. age purchase 19 years of age
~Potential Alcohol content (7% to 8%)

No added sugar, colour or artificial/natural flavour additives are used.  All of the creation takes place in the box with no pails, carboys, filtering etc.  An air lock with stopper and 10 PET bottles are required and may be purchased separately.  

Following our Grandfather's methods the cider is prepared for you to ferment and bottle at home using the Brew-in-Box.  You may create a flat cider or sparkling cider through secondary fermentation.  The kit will produce a dry cider but you may also sweeten to taste before serving.

The Craft Cider Kit does not stop there!  We are also available to answer any questions you my have so your cider is great everytime!  

Brew-In-Box Complete Kit Includes* :
1 - 5 litre bag of Prepared Geissberger Farmhouse Cider
1- Yeast Nutrient
1- Yeast Packet 
1 - Priming Sugar (Secondary Fermentation)
1 - Pk. Instant Dissolve Sugar (Sweeten to taste the final cider.)
1 - Cider Log Sticker
1 - Instructions 
1- Air Lock with rubber stopper
10 - 500ml bottles with caps

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